Information for Schools, Faculty, and Staff

School EventPay is a 100% FREE-to-the-School stand alone software that allows any school to quickly communicate to the parents and students through push notifications. The most liked benefit of School EventPay is that It allows parents to simply pay for any event that is sent through the School EventPay event management software electronically.
…Think of the countless hours you will save by not having to send emails and handouts to parents, create event registration rosters, track who is signed up and who is not, send reminders, collect cash and checks, fill out accounting office paperwork, fill out bank deposits, take the money to the bank…
School EventPay uses to securely process the payments directly from the parents to the schools bank account. No personal or financial information is stored on at School EventPay. Event management reports are available in real time and your schools money is deposited daily with excellent reporting capabilities to help your accounting office allocate funds correctly.