FREE – For the School

School EventPay is a completely free software for the schools. We do not charge the school any software subscription, membership or user fees.


FREE – App Download for the Parent

School EventPay is a free download from the app store for all parents, students and guardians.


Payment Processing Fee

School EventPay applies a small payment processing fee when parents pay for an event. This fee is paid by the parent not the school. Our reasoning is that any cost that we would charge the school would eventually end up being paid by the parent anyway.  School EventPay charges 1% on transactions. Our third party payment processing vendor currently charges 0.8% for ACH transactions and 2.9% + $0.30 for  card transactions. Users have the option to pick which payment type they wish to use for each event that requires a payment. School EventPay does not hold any payments. Payments go directly form the parent to the school via our third party payment processing vendor and process daily.

We will be able to reduce the payment processing fees over time as the overall volume of transactions increase.