Simplified event management and payments for schools.

A unified web dashboard for schools and a industry leading mobile app experience for students, parents and guardians.

Event Management

Event Managers - Each Event Manager will have their own view of only their events. Post events, communicate with parents, collect payments, send reminders, collect permission slips, view real time reports, issue refunds, and never have to deal with cash or checks again.

Define Department - Department Heads have the ability to view all Event Managers assigned to them in one easy to use Dashboard.

Event Reporting - Department Heads and Event Managers have up to the minute access to their events. Who is attending, who is not, who has paid, who has not paid, permission slips turned in... all real time, printable and online.

Hassle Free Payments - You will never lose or misplace a payment again. Arguing with a parent over a payment will be a thing of the past. Tired of collecting cash and checks, filling out paper work, making bank deposits, issuing refund checks? School EventPay allows parents to pay the school directly through the App. Money goes directly to the School Bank Account that is selected for each event.

Permission Slips - School administrators create or attach permission slips that can be reused by all event managers. Parents sign and return permission slips with just a few taps. Reports show event managers who has signed permission slips and allows them to be printed or saved.

Student & Parent/Guardian Management

Yearly Master List - School EventPay works off of a list of students and parents uploaded by the school each year. Parents are issued a unique code to identify their child. No one but the school has access to any information about your child.

Segmentation and Grouping - Schools have the ability to create groups of students such as "5th Grade" or "Soccer Team" or "HS Choir" that can be saved and reused over and over again.

Messaging and Notifications - School EventPay allows the school to communicate directly with parents and students through cell phone notifications.

Donor and Alumni List - Each year... before you update the master list of students and parents, School EventPay allows you to move the 12th grade students and parents into an Alumni/Donor database that can be sent event notifications or downloaded for school use. The longer you use School EventPay the larger your Alumni/Donor database becomes!

Communication Tools

Events - Communicate events to parents and students real time and receive student registration, payments and permission slips all in the simple to use School EventPay software.

School Wide Notifications - Communicate to your whole student body and parents with the Intercom tool. Everyone is notified... right now!

Individual Notifications and Messaging - Remind parents and students of events and registrations. Select only those who have not responded. Individualize your communications.

Event Updates - Once you have created an event and sent out the notification to the group… you can send new updates about the event like “change of date” or “location change” or “wear warm clothes”. If you cancel an event, everyone will be notified and refunds will be automatically processed if there was a fee charged to the event.

Hassle Free and Paperless Payments

Android and iOS apps - School EventPay works on both Apple and Android devices.

Multiple Payers - We give you ability to invite secondary payers on your account. If Grandma wants to pay for her grand kids school events... simply invite her to be a secondary payer. Inviting secondary payers will also allow them to be notified of all your child's events even if they do not pay for them.

No More Cash and Checks - It is simple. Parents never have to write checks or send in cash to school again. Schools never have to collect, process and deposit cash and checks again. School EventPay electronically handles all of this. The accounting office will have the access to view, print or save daily reports that show "to the penny" all of the information you need to properly account for each daily deposit.

In-App Payments - Never send cash or checks to school again. Pay for all your school events with an easy to use app!