About School EventPay

The School EventPay App is a free software that allows schools to communicate directly to parents and students via their mobile phone. It also allows parents to pay for all their child’s school events replacing the need to collect cash or checks ever again.

Our Mission

To simplify the way parents pay for their child’s school events and to help schools easily communicate to parents.

Benefits for Schools

School EventPay will save your teachers and administrators countless hours every week and improve communication to your parents.

  • Use push notifications to electronically communicate with your parents
  • Set up and communicate events quickly and
  • Securely collect payments for school events
  • Reduce the need to make physical bank deposits
  • Up to the minute event reporting shows:
    • Students who are attending / not attending
    • Students who have/have not paid
    • Parents who have turned in permission slips
  • Handles refunds electronically through the App
  • Creates alumni and donor database

Benefits for Students, Parents & Guardians

The days of writing checks and sending cash to school with your child is over.

  • Receive instant communications from your school via push notifications
  • Pay for your child’s school events quickly through the School EventPay App
  • View all of your child’s events in one easy to use mobile App
  • See your payment history
  • Quickly add your child’s events to your mobile calendar

A note from the Founder

I’m just like you… I have received the never ending daily papers in my kids backpack and then graduated to the emails about upcoming school events.
“please send in $10 for the zoo field trip… please pay $50 trumpet fee… teacher appreciation week $10… musical tickets $25… your child is involved in the spring break band trip $500… pink out pep rally t-shirt $10… prom $50… and the list goes on” 

One day I was complaining to my wife who had just asked me to find the checkbook and write another check for a school event… “the only thing we use the checkbook for is to write a check at church… and all the payments to school. There needs to be an app for this.”
And that is how School EventPay started. I wanted to design a standalone App that could be used by any school. Something that was completely free for the school to use so they did not have to add it to the budget. Because you and I know that if the school pays for it… the parents will eventually end up paying for it. An App that, once set up, would allow the school to easily send out a text to the whole school, (i.e. school cancelled due to snow) or to a specific group, (i.e. fifth grade field trip) and if there was a fee to pay… the parent would tap the their cell phone 3 times to confirm their kids attendance, pay for the event and add it to their calendar. I hope you enjoy using the School EventPay App. If you have ideas to improve the app… please contact me by using the Contact Us button on the top of the page.