School EventPay. The Simple Solution.

School Event Pay is an event and fund-raising management tool for school and a seamless mobile app for parents. It processes payments for events, fundraisers and tickets; permission slips, announcements, RSVP's and more.


School Parents

Simplified Event Communication and Payment Handling for Schools.

A unified web dashboard for schools and industry leading mobile app expierence for students, parents and guardians.

Event Attendance Management
Student & Parent List Management
Easy Event
Hassle Free and
Paperless Payment

The School EventPay Experience

A Powerful Web App for Schools, Faculty, and Staff

Send event information directly to parents or guardians mobile phone and receive payments without ever having to collect cash or checks again. Real time reports let you know who is registered and paid. Send reminders to only those parents that have not responded.

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An Industry Leading Apple iOS & Android App for Students, Parents & Guardians

Receive push notifications about your child's school activities directly to your phone, save them to your calendar and pay for all your child's school events in less than a minute. You will never send cash or checks to school again!

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  • "Oh my goodness… this is awesome!"

    Lower School School Administrator, Fort Worth Texas

  • "I can’t believe how much time this saves me! I used to spend 2 to 3 days a week… communicating, collecting and depositing fees for sports events, clubs and T-shirts"

    Athletics Department Administrator, Fort Worth Texas

  • "Why haven’t we had this before now?"

    Parent, Fort Worth Texas

  • "No more chance of lost or misplaced payments by the students, parents and teachers"

    Accounting Office, Fort Worth Texas

  • "Daily deposits are easy to reconcile with the School EventPay daily accounting reports. I know who paid what and can match the deposits to the penny."

    Accounting Office, Fort Worth Texas

  • "Communicating to the parents just got a whole lot easier! I can send notifications about an upcoming field trip easily and then view who has registered and paid soooo easy now. I don’t have to collect the money, fill out deposit forms and turn it into the accounting office anymore. School EventPay handles it all!"

    5th Grade Teacher, Fort Worth Texas